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ID-Nr. A2940
خاكي وآسماني سرگذشت آمادئوس موزار
2 Bände 592 S. Gebunden ترجمه علي اصغربهرام‌بيگي
(Sprache: Persisch)
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ID-Nr. A622
قاموس المصطلحات الموسيقية
Color Illust. 204 p 25 x 17 Hardcover
(Sprachen: Arabisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch)
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GTIN 9784773233032
ID-Nr. E136
(Sprache: )
GTIN 9784276000902
ID-Nr. B454
1080 p 26 x 19 Hardcover Cassette 4-276-00090-4 The first and the only music dictionary, from the old and traditional Japanese music to modern, folks music, Gagaku
(Sprache: Japanisch)
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ID-Nr. A1703
به‌رهبري حنانه
298 p
10,00 €
(Sprache: Persisch)
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GTIN 9787532078738
ID-Nr. B553
485 p 30.5 x 22 Hardcover 7-5320-7873-6 In order to emphasize the atmosphere of Chinese folk instrument ensemble the signer used the famous Chinese painting "Han Xizai Gives a Night Party" and this also makes the content of the book more direct.
(Sprache: Chinesisch)
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ID-Nr. A1704
موسيقي كلاسيك ايراني
229 p 24 x 17
9,90 €
(Sprache: Persisch)
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